Each Month Mr Renwick publishes school news in the Wenlock Herald and below is the June article:

As we see the first signs of summer, thoughts turn towards holidays and relaxation; this is not the case at school, though, as it signals the start of the busiest time of the year.

Well over 300 students will collectively take thousands of exams in the next seven weeks, and it is on the results of the work leading up to now that futures are made. There is a real sense of tension and nervousness around the school and probably at home but many will reap the rewards of two years of hard study. I wish them all well and hope for some dull weather to help the revision process! Apologies to the rest of the community for that.

The Edge is blazing a bright trail with big numbers of events and attendees making the place feel very alive.

The Wenlock Poetry Festival brought us literary talent from as near as Much Wenlock and as far as New York. The Much Wenlock Festival will be with us again this month and there will be more satellite theatre performances from NT Live and the RSC; with opera from the Met, music from Prelude and comedy from Paul Chowdry.

Other examples of where the pace of life is still high are: The Friends of WBS who have just held an 80s night and their May Fair to boost revenue for extra opportunities for students outside the main school offer. The work done by this significant minority has reaped a lot of rewards for the school and community over the last 18 months. The latest post holders are resigning their positions and the group are looking for new members over the coming months.

The new timetable is due to start after May half term, giving students in Years 6 and 12 a taste of their real lessons with the correct staff as part of the induction processes for over 250 students.

The Y11 Prom and Y13 Summer party are all booked for the end of June and should be a great highlight following a busy period of exams. The students help to organise and arrange so may elements of these events that it really is ‘owned’ by them and they look forward to it immensely. We have seen the last Year 11 and 13 ‘wear anything’ days, with fancy dress the theme they have selected. A final assembly together in the week before May half term will have given them the chance to reflect on many happy times: They deserve it to be fun and special.

A lot of time is now spent planning the next twelve months. We welcome new staff in September and we are looking forward to trying to become an even better school.

Much Wenlock is also keeping busy and looking forward; I witnessed the ceremony inaugurating the new Mayor, Mary Hill, and we wish her well over the next year. On the same night Special Constable Charlie Pearson was awarded freedom of the town after 40 years of service in his volunteering role. For us, Charlie is one of our bus drivers who delivers students to school each day in a calm, safe and friendly way. It was great to see a volunteer commended in such a way, as he was the first person to receive this award in over 30 years, and the school very much wants to recognise and celebrate his success.